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Standard Cables
These cables have 3/8" ring terminals on both the battery end and the inverter end.
Use for inverters with DC input terminals that have threaded posts.
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PS Cables
These cables have ring terminals on the battery end, and stud terminals on the inverter end. Use for inverters and converters with DC input terminals that have a tubular hole with a set screw, such as Cobra, IOTA, and the Samlex PSE Series. more info
Our cables sets are constructed from high quality welding cable and feature heavy duty terminals, dual wall heat shrink, and high temperature terminal protectors.

We can make custom length cables for your application. If the size you need is not listed, please call 1-800-367-3019 for pricing and to order.

Cable size recommendations:

Inverter Size

Cable Gauge

1000 Watts


1500 Watts


2000 Watts


2500 Watts


3000 Watts


NOTE: These are general minimum size recommendations for inverters that utilize a single cable set (one positive and one negative cable) only, and may not be correct for all inverters or applications. Cable size recommendations may vary among inverter brands and models; check the Owner's Manual for the model you purchase before you buy the wire for it.
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